Doubletree Demos

by Atlas The Atom Smasher



all music written by Aaron Hibbert and Tyler Bisson, except track one, which was written by Josh Tracy.
all lyrics written by Aaron Hibbert.
vocals and instruments and Aaron and Tyler.
additional musicians:
Joe Raffa: guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6
Dave Macuga: trombone on tracks 1, 2, and 3
Chris Morrill: guitar solo on track 5
Dan Shedd and Chris Morrill: gang vocals on track 7.
Recorded, Mixed, etc by Tyler at UMass Lowell and the Doubletree Hotel.


released January 2, 2010




Atlas The Atom Smasher Lowell, Massachusetts

We are a band. We are loud. We like Subway and System Of A Down. We write songs about religion, politics, relationships, and the apocalypse. We'll grow on you. See you soon.

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Track Name: Josh Tracy Vs. The Rebel Alliance
Your money and your trust, propaganda in the comics. They'll never have enough to save their precious economics. There's a militant division. They're prepared for a collision. They seek to cloud your mind with tired images of crucifixion. No way. Not us. Skull fucked the economy but CEO's retire, while our lives are sacrificed to make their living standard higher. No way, not us. Think before believing the transmissions you're receiving. Question everything.
Track Name: Yankee Ingenuity
Why the long face captain?
Is your sinking ship already losing steam?
I saw the warning signs before,
but figured it had only been a dream
I wish that I had known the
consequences of what I assumed
It seems that my belief has
fucked us all and now we’re doomed.

They told me my soul would go
up to heaven if I just believed.
But that’s too much to ask
Why can’t we just work
with what we can see?

Seems we’re going under yet again,
the captain and the skipper too
They’ve got their life jackets but
it seems there just weren’t enough for you
Too bad, it’s such a waste to watch
the ship go down and bring its men
But those who lived will build a
new ship that they’ll just destroy again.

They told me my soul would go
up to heaven if I just believed.
But that’s too much to ask
Why can’t we just work
with what we can see?

I’ll decide my limits
I will do what’s right in my own time
In my own way I’ll make things right
The way I see right in my mind
Forever let the bricks of separation
Crumble down and fall
Together we’re the world
Life shouldn’t be about putting up walls

Thousands lose their lives to honor
Someone they don’t even know exists
Leads me to believe that
There’s no god or afterlife and
Maybe somehow this is all there is
I think everyone should try
To leave the past to die
Let peace replace what
War and apathy have left behind
We don’t need to die
To save our lives