The Snowmiser Suite

by Atlas The Atom Smasher

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The Snowmiser Suite is Atlas The Atom Smasher's second official release.


released January 1, 2012

All music and lyrics written by Aaron Hibbert

Music performed by:
Aaron Hibbert – Vocals/Guitar
Tyler Bisson – Vocals/Drums
Josh Wilson – Bass Guitar

Additional talent provided by:
Chelsea Maida – Vocals
Nicholas Wiedeman – Electric Guitar

Recorded to analog 2" tape and mixed by Mike Lucia
Produced by Mike, Aaron, Tyler, and Josh at
Umass Lowell, November 6th, 20th, and 23rd, 2011
Mastered by Bryan Leavelle

Front cover artwork by Justin Campaniello
Back cover artwork by Chelsea Maida
Disk artwork by Aaron Hibbert




Atlas The Atom Smasher Lowell, Massachusetts

We are a band. We are loud. We like Subway and System Of A Down. We write songs about religion, politics, relationships, and the apocalypse. We'll grow on you. See you soon.

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Track Name: The Snowmiser Suite
Atlas The Atom Smasher
“The Snowmiser Suite”

I. Snowmiser

Snow falls into the void
To purify what centuries destroyed
War and nuclear holocaust
A winter born, a kingdom lost
Somehow you think we’ll be okay

Heaven, the Earth below
Feel the ground rise up as if to meet the falling snow
Hand in hand and arm in arm
Again the world prepares for the storm
We’ll be okay someday

II. Heatmiser

We’ll be okay, perfectly fine
What’s going on in the back of your mind
Killing the mother for fuel to survive
As if killing each other could keep us alive
Selling our spirits, our hopes and our dreams
We’ve taken the surface so why not beneath
How foolish are we to think that we can keep
A system of life based on one set of beliefs

Remember it was you that told me
Life was nothing but a foolish game
Then what’s the point in even trying
Foolishly believing things can change
I won’t let myself just become
another pawn meant to be played

Looking back now, I can recall
Angels in winter and beautiful falls
Heaven, we had our own Heaven on Earth
Now money defines the new reason and worth
Nature and peace versus fire and man
With the sun and the sky in the palm of our hands
Bartered and sold for some paper and ink
Which now represent what
We have been ordered to think

If we could work together
I know everything could be alright
Instead we’ll think of ourselves first
with bold assumptions that we have the right
To forget those who disagree
As long as we can win the fight
We’ll be okay, we’ll be okay

III. Mother Nature

Looks like it’s gonna rain today, well I hope so
I hope Hell freezes over and everything dies
I hope that I finally get to see the apocalypse
And rain turns to fire as it falls from the sky

Raise up your arms as if praising the sun
Could save us from anything
And all that we’ve done to ourselves
May we live, love, and be happy
while creating our own little Hell

Remember your dreams
Don’t forget what we’ve learned
Worshipping kings, while empires burned
In saving each other, we’re saving our souls
I’ll save you my brother, together we’re whole

I saw the sun today, felt the warmth on my skin
A feeling of comfort as I felt Armageddon begin
I hope that I’ve smiled, and made someone’s life
Then maybe I can die knowing I was right
No, I never believed in a God
But I would be a fool to think that
Being a good person could be wrong
If everyone would just try
Then maybe, just maybe, together we can survive

We’ll be okay, we’ll be okay
Everything’s alright, we’ll be okay

Remember our dreams
Don’t forget what we’ve learned
Worshipping bastards, while empires burned
In saving each other, we’re saving our souls
I’ll save you my brother, together I know

We’ll be okay, we’ll be okay, okay, someday…